Snow and Ice

Over winter snow and ice can build up on your roof which in turn can cause leaks.  Icicles can also form down the side of your building and can be hazardous should they break and fall onto people or objects below.  We work through the winter period removing excess snow and ice as needed.

​We can provide a variety of snow stop solutions for your needs, depending on your roof type.

We can install a heat trace system prior to winter to prevent ice damming occurring in vulnerable areas.

New Roofs and Reroofs

If you are building a new home or commercial building we are here to assist you in the decision making process to help decide on the best roof for your needs.  Type of structure, weather / snow conditions and length of roof life all must be considered when building and designing a roof system.  Also other items such as flashings, guttering systems, snow stops or snow shedding designs can also be discussed at the time of design.

​When your current roof needs replacing we can provide a cost to replace your current roof.  If you are looking to change the material (such as a change from cedar shakes to laminate shingles) we can provide information and advice on what the change will mean in terms of look,snow load and permit requirements.

​We specialize in laminate shingle application and are the only certified GAF installers in the Sea to Sky corridor.  We also install metal and cedar shake roofs, as well as flat roof (membrane) systems.


We will come and provide a report on your current roof and condition.  We will tailor the inspection to your requirements and depending on building type, this can be a full on roof inspection or an on ground visual, and a written report will be provided with findings and recommendations.  We can inspect the roof field and venting systems in place.

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Flat and Low Slope Roof Application 

We install membrane based waterproofing systems using a cold process application, this type of product is suitable for low and flat roofs and is an alternative to the traditional torch on (heat based) application.  

As well as full installations we can also do patch work repairs if needed.

From steep A-Line roofs to flat roofs and decks we have your needs covered!

Repairs and Maintenance

Maintenance is an important part of prolonging the life of your roof.  Our Repairs and Maintenance teams work throughout all the seasons on maintenance work and emergency repairs.  We work on flat roofs to steep pitched roofs.  

Some of the maintenance items we do are:

  • Investigation of leaks and repairs made.
  • Re-screw and caulking inspection and replacement for metal roofs.
  • Cedar inspection, shim, re-treat packages for cedar roofs.
  • Patch work for EPDM and other membrane systems.
  • Vent inspections and replacement.
  • Gutter installations.
  • Snow stop solutions and installation.
  • Heat trace installation.

We also work closely with our preferred carpentry company and can arrange for repairs to be made to any internal damage resulting from leaks.  Please visit their website by clicking the button below.